[TOP 10] Best Win Rate Online Slots & Payouts 2022

Best Win Rate Online Slots

Looking for online slot games has endless possibilities. Let us help you today by providing you with a list of the best win rate online slots to your advantage. The possibilities are endless because there are more than 100,000 games worldwide.

We are going to present to you the best win rate and payouts online slots from various popular providers today..

We have selected to you 10 of the best. This means that these games has been verified and confirmed that they are fun to play as well as license. Games that are licensed are very important because this ensures your safety as a player. 

Never play in a website or slot game that is not trusted at all. Let us look at some of the things that you can get from online slot games.

Why is Safety Important in Online Slot Games?

Safety should be everyone’s number one priority when they are going to gamble online. Gambling in an unsafe environment will cost you much more money. You may even lose all of your money that you have deposited. 

Please be aware that not all games are trusted because some of the games can be rigged. Rigged games will most likely give you no pay outs at all. Even if it gives you payout you cannot withdraw the money later on. 

One of the best ways to check if a online slot is safe or not is by looking at the reputation of the provider. Known provider such as pragmatic play, ion slot, habanero slot, or some of the most trusted names out there. 

What is clear, you need to choose a trusted online slot gambling site. Where they have good credibility in the industry.

There is zero chance that they are going to try and scam me or check you. You can use our list of articles to do as a guide for you to choose the right one. After choosing the right one then you can immediately start gambling and win your way up.

RTP in Online Slot Games

An online slot game is differentiated by a couple of things. One of the most important things that you need to understand is known as the return to player percentage. Return to clear percentages and important parameter to look for when you’re playing online slots. 

Websites or games with low percentage will basically give you low returns. Try to find anything about 96%. 96% is the baseline that everyone uses every time they want to play online slot games. If you can find anything about 96% then there’s a high chance that you can even hit a jackpot. 

Jackpot is also much easier when you have a higher percentage. This also includes multiplayer bonuses and other types of bonuses too. All of the games that we have reviewed today and this article will have an RTP above 96%. So you do not have to worry at all.

Best Win Rate Online Slots

Alright, now let’s get to our main topic. About the list of the best win rates online slots. So you can choose games that have the potential to give you high profits.

Treasures of Aztec

Aztec Slots PG Soft

Aztec slot may be a one of a kind slot game that you have never even heard of before. No need to worry because trying new things will certainly lead to more profit later one. Aztec slots is a slot game based off of the Aztec culture. You may heard of the Mayans. Which is a tribe or an ancient civilization located in Mexico.

This game is an adaptation of that history. It was made to impress players with the unique combo and spin multipliers.

According to one of the online slot bookies in Indonesia, Slot95, this is the game that has the most fans. 

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Matrix Online Slots

Matrix Online Slots

Everyone loves the movie matrix. Matrix is basically an action movie that is now adapted to online slot games. This online slot is considered as a progressive slot game. Where the players can get an increasing amount of jackpot every time they have placed a bet. 

Upon hitting the jackpot then you can bring off the money home. The jackpot total for a certain slots may reach out to millions of dollars. This is a chance for players to make lots of money.”

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House of Dragons

House of Dragons Slot
Source image:

A bit of fantasy may always be fun to spice up the slot machines. Players are always looking for a new game to play right? Well you might as well give this one a try. House of Dragons is a game that is specialized in fantasy slots. 

There are dozens of colorful dragons that is going to swirve around your screen. Fantasy themed slots are fun because now there are dozens of symbols to do so.

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Mega Moolah 

Mega Moolah - Microgaming
Source image:

This next game is always a fan favorite. Mega Moolah is designed specifically to hit more jackpots. The more you spin means the higher the chances is to hit a jackpot. Mega Moolah incorporates fun and profit the same time. The RTP of this game is set an average of 97.1%. that percentage alone is already way above average to begin with.

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Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold

Next game is everyone’s favorite. You will receive a chance of enhanced jackpot multiplier. All players who play in this slot game can even be considered as satisfied. The symbols that you will see are ancient Egypt related symbols. 

Such as golds, coins, treasures, and etc. The more you play then the more you see the variations of symbols. Feel free to try all of the possible combinations. There are a total of 5 wheels with around 20 pay lines.

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777 Deluxe

777 deluxe slot
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Sometimes the best way to enjoy slot games is to play the most basic one. 777 Deluxe uses a clsasic slot combination. As you might have known, 777 is always a lucky number wherever you are going. That is why people use this symbol as a way to name the jackpot. 

Besides that, there are simple symbols that you can try. Such as coins, bombs, fruits, and etc. 777 Deluxe is a must try because there are plenty of free spins that you can get from this one game alone. 

We highly encourage you to try 777 Deluxe also due to its 98.3% RTP. Return to player percentage is just an important aspect.

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Golden Buffalo

Golden Buffalo Slot

Let us know enter the wild west. The wild west is full of buffalos and also cactus. That is exactly ewhat you will find when you play in Golden Buffalo. Players are going to see lassos and the golden buffalo known as the jackpot. This game uses progressive jackpot technology. 

The more you play, the higher the jackpot will keep on increasing. The jackpots that you can get is massive and players usually can bring home thousands of dollars in one spin alone.

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Mystic Elements

Mystic Elements Slot

Players who love gemstones will come across Mystic Elements as a fantastic game. They do not have much crazy animations like in other types of slot games. 

But there are dozens of gemstones that you can hit. Each gemstone can be worth up to 5 times or even 10 times the multiplier. The current RTP of this game is 97.5%

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Cyberpunk City

Cyberpunk City Slot

A much futuristic slot game may be a game of your choice. Cyberpunk City is a game being used by players when they enjoy many electric animations. The colors that you will see are mostly neon lights. The current RTP of this game is around 98.7%

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Heart of Vegas

Heart of Vegas Slot
Source Image:

Last but not least is a tour back to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a common place to play slots and now you can enjoy it from home. Heart of Vegas is a must try because it will give you an RTP of 98.6%. 

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Tips to Winning Online Slots

Online slot games can be played with many ways to win. The way how online slots are being played is a person places a bet. After placing a bet then you get to spend the wheel and your command. 

The reel wheel will spin for a couple of seconds only. This couple of seconds will be the crucial moment of you making money or not. All wheels will realign and should make a pattern. 

If there’s no pattern from the symbols and you don’t win any money at all. However in the other side if you do get a good combination then you can multiply your money. The better the symbol and the better will produce a much better outcome.

Tips for Winning Playing Online Slot Games

Perhaps, you have chosen one from our list of the best win rate online slots recommended. However, it is not enough to make you win. You need to understand more about how to play slots correctly. Let’s talk about it right now…

Using the Demo Spin feature to find the best machine

One of the best tips for you to follow is to find the right engine for you. Not all machines are suitable for bettors to try. Maybe there are online slot machines that are benefiting the players to the point of madness. 

But you won’t know unless you immediately try the online slot machine. We recommend the players to use the demo spin feature. Spin this online slot machine to learn the symbols and see how big your theoretical profit is. Then players can enjoy the slot game with real money when they are satisfied.

Play at Good Times

There are certain times that can increase a bettor’s chances of getting the jackpot. This is usually determined from the time of day or night. Strategic timing can make bettors profit. Because now you can bet with a large nominal, but with a more guaranteed profit.

Playing at certain hours is important because usually the provider will issue a jackpot at that hour. Some of our best recommendations for playing online slot games are at 12 noon and 7 pm. This is the time when online slot sites are most visited by players.

Bet According to Budget

Lots of players miss a good strategy to make a profit. Getting profits is very easy and you can start by taking care of your finances first. Each player will have to start with a certain budget. 

Make your first deposit and collect sufficient funds. Then place a bet starting with the smallest bet. Don’t immediately place a big bet without trying the online slot game first. Small bets can give you the right information about the game you want to enjoy.

Prepare a sufficient budget and bet using the 2% strategy. We advise bettors to bet no more than 2%. Because if it exceeds, then you will lose the betting plan. Using a plan can keep the nominal without players putting all their money in directly.


SlotsProvider RTP %
Treasures of Aztec PG Soft96.71
Matrix Slots Playtech 95.14
House of Dragons Microgaming 94.8
Mega Moolah Microgaming 88.12
Jackpot Cleopatra’s GoldRTG95
777 DeluxeMicrogaming96.18
Golden BuffaloiSoftBet95.01
Mystic ElementsWoohoo Games96
Cyberpunk City Woohoo Games 96
Heart of VegasAristocrat96

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided with you some of the answers that you may need. Some of you may still have questions regarding of the games that we have talked about today. Let’s discuss more on the section down below.

Are all the slots real money slots?

All of the slots that we’ve talked to you today are all real money slots. Real money slots basically means that you are going to use real money to bet and win. 

Amount of money that you can win varies from the type of combination that you can get. Players who get lucky may get up to 2,000 times the original amount of their favorable bet. To give you a picture of this basically the same thing as betting $1 and winning $2,000 in just a matter of seconds. 

That is why slot games are beloved every single place in the world. People can get lots of money by spinning slot games. But you also need to be careful because these types of slot uses real money. There’s of course a chance that you may lose some money while playing online slots.

Are the slots above safe to play?

All of the slots above that we have presented to you as a similar characteristic. All of them are created by some of the most popular slot providers out there. 

People do not have to worry anymore because now they can rely on licenses. Licenses can assure you that the types of games that you are going to place ready safe. What we mean by safe is basically you can deposit and withdraw as you will. 

There is not a limit for how much percent can deposit or withdraw. Every single dollar that you have one can also be withdrawn. So you don’t have to be afraid that you are going to lose money when playing this game.

What slots have the best odds of winning?

All of these recommended slots basically have a fairly high chance of winning. This is seen from the RTP factor which is usually part of the element that allows players to have more potential to win.

But, keep in mind that RTP is not everything. Slot machines are the same everywhere. Regulated by an algorithm system according to the duration determined by the bookie. If you play for a short amount of time, you kind of see that it’s completely random.

What is a good RTP for slots?

But, keep in mind that RTP is not everything. Slot machines are the same everywhere. Regulated by an algorithm system according to the duration determined by the bookie. If you play for a short amount of time, you kind of see that it’s completely random.

RTP is the machine’s ability to pay back the money/units it has lost in play from time to time to the player.

Usually RTP is written as a percentage, for example a slot with an RTP of 95% means that the slot will return the player $95 for every $100 lost or entered into the slot game.

That way a slot game provider that has an RTP of 95% will get a profit of 5% for every bet that the slot player has lost. This will be the basic benchmark for every provider in getting the benefits of every slot game they offer.

So, the higher the RTP percentage the better for you.

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