Candy Cashcades Slot Demo: Features, RTP Bonuses

Candy Cashcades Slot Demo

Blueprint Gaming’s follow-up to their first release of 2020, Sweet Success Megaways, is the sugar-filled slot machine, Candy Cashcades Slot Demo. When spinning Candy Cashcades, if you’ve played the Megaways version, you’ll be in familiar territory. Both the audio and the images from the first game have been transferred in large part. But the structure has changed substantially. The main modification is that now, instead of a set of reels, players spin a grid slot.

When Sugar Cashcades loads up, you are greeted by the same candy land mountain scene as previously. To start the Aw8indo slot game, click the arrow. An 8 by 8 grid of colorful sweets is there for you to find. Candy Cashcades Slot Demo not only depicts a similar scene but also uses the same music. That refers to music that somehow manages to sound completely upbeat while also sounding completely depressing.

Although it’s a little specialized, if you’ve ever seen one of those “Hug Me I’m Scared” videos, you might recognize the music as the moment just before the puppets enter a nightmare inspired by Kafka. If this were Woodstock, it would not be appropriate to consume the brown acid while performing. You can never predict the rabbit hole your mind will take you down.

From 10 cents to £/€500 per tumble, Candy Cashcades Slot Demo is playable on any device. With volatility set to medium and RTP slightly below what you would expect from Blueprint, it is 95.5 percent. Even though Candy Cashcades and their first grid slot, Dragonfall, resemble each other in some ways, especially during the bonus game, Candy Cashcades is much more forgiving.

The technique for paying out prizes uses clusters. For the highest prizes, winning clusters up to 25 symbols in size must connect horizontally or vertically with at least five matching symbols.

Through the cascade feature, each successful cluster starts a chain reaction. In order to let new symbols fall from above, winning clusters are removed from the board. New clusters may be formed as a result, and cascades may continue until no more victories are produced.

There are several symbols from Sweet Success as well as some new ones that have slipped in. There are six standard emblems, each of which is a hard candy in a different color, such as orange, purple, green, blue, red, or a pink heart. For payouts of 10 to 100 times the investment, land clusters of 25 or more.

Candy Cashcades Slot Demo: Features

Colossal Candies may be added after any unsuccessful cascade. You’ll know one or more are coming when the grid begins to tremble. Each Colossal Candy is a chocolate treat that is at least 22 in size and drops onto the grid, covering all other symbols and creating one matching symbol in the process. Colossal Candy does not convert the wild.

The red and white twirling sugar crazy holds the secret to the most thrilling parts. In order to aid in the formation of clusters, the wild sign firstly replaces all other symbols. A wild that contributes to a cluster win is not eliminated along with the other symbols. Instead, it stays put on the grid and moves to an open spot nearby where it waits for the subsequent cascade to begin.

Additionally, wilds come with a progressive multiplier that starts at x1. The multiplier rises by one whenever a wild appears in a winning cluster. A win’s values are multiplied together if there are multiple multiplier wilds present. When there is a cascade sequence, wilds remain on the grid even if they are not a member of a winning cluster. Multipliers are reset to x1 and wilds are taken out of the grid after the sequence is over.

If there are three or more wilds on the screen, 8 free Sugar Rush Win Falls are given. They are essentially identical to regular spins with the exception that each Win Fall awards a win and that a Colossal Candy will always appear following a cascade of losses. Win Falls cannot be activated again.

Candy Cashcades Slot Demo: Verdict

Candy Cashcades Slot Demo marks Blueprint Gaming’s third foray into the grid slot market as they steadily gain ground. Although the stats and math models varied, thus far all three have used essentially the same features. Nevertheless, they haven’t really moved past the criticism that Jammin’ Jars imitated them, and Candy Cashcades’ contributions won’t significantly alter that perception.

It then leads to another problem. Candy Cashcades Slot Demo finds it difficult to establish a distinctive personality. There are echoes of a number of different slots present here. from Fruit Party to Jammin Jars to Sweet Bonanza, and so forth. It’s like a collection of games got out of hand one night, and everyone did something they later regretted. To uncover the milkshake that went into its making, DNA testing would be required.

While Candy Cashcades Slot Demo is a passable grid slot, it lacks any distinguishing features that would make it stand out from the competition. It’s also a tad slow in the base game. Additionally, Colossal Candies are available to spice things up, and decent cascade rolls are occasionally possible. Even the bonus game is generally low key, and there aren’t many sugar rushes.

It appears that Candy Cashcades was created with the intent of luring a different market niche. Let’s say Dragonfall fans won’t find this game to be nearly as intense. Volatile rides have been reduced in intensity and replaced with Win Falls, where the thrill and wins may be lower, but returns are still guaranteed. 

Regarding returns, the largest win from a single game may be limited to £250,000, or 50,000 times the stake. Nevertheless, given the tools you have at your disposal, it seems unlikely that you will achieve anything that high.

As a whole, Candy Cashcades Slot Demo is a passable grid slot that might appeal to players who enjoy candy and lighthearted activities. Though its generic nature makes it unlikely to leave much of an impression, it would be nice to see Blueprint stray from the formula for the following one.

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