Cyberpunk City Slot Review: One of the Trendiest Slot

Cyberpunk City Slot Review

Trying new types of games may be the right move for you. Stop playing in the low return to play your percentage types of slot games. Instead, try some of our best win rate slot recommendations because it is much more worthy and profitable. 

Our recommendations will give you some of the best slots online across many different platforms. We take games from over 20 different providers. Our online slot review is complete and we will give you all the outlooks of this game. So come take a reader to and see what you can find in our review.

Cyberpunk City slot review is going to see three main things. First of all we’re going to see the RTP of this game. On top of that we’re also going to see the gameplay of this game.

Gameplay of your Cyberpunk City slot Review

Cyberpunk City Slot Review: One of the Trendiest Slot

Cyberpunk City salon is an entertaining game for anyone to try. The game is set of course and scenery of a city. The city itself is a Cyberpunk city. The slot game is considered a futuristic themed genre. And this game alone you’re going to see lots of neon lights and flashing colours. 

This game is perfect for anyone that is looking for a fantasy-themed slot game with lots of animation. Cyberpunk city will surely make players feel not bored at all. The game itself allows players to bet at a minimum of around 50 cents. 

After that you can only go up 50 cents instead of 10 cents at a time. There is a minimum bet increment of around 50 cents each. Every time a player plays as a bet you can go as high as $500. 

But it is highly unlikely for a player to bet that high because it is not strategic. Getting high amount of money at once will just make you lose your money instantly.

Animations and Theme

Players will be welcomed with a neon themed front page. After that you can simply enjoy the simple user interface. We say that this game is very casual and simple because of the user interface. The user interface allows players to bend and please money instantly. 

You can click on the arrows if you want to increase your bet or decrease your amount of money. After that you can click spin and the wheels will roll. One thing to mention is that this slot game is also five reel slot. Having a total of 5 reels in one slot can be very fun to try.  

The gameplay will also include the fact that players are able to switch the amount of reels that they want to play. For example you were already bored with playing five real slots. 

Then you’re also given the option to switch to a tree real slot. Three wheel slot are much quicker and faster. The amount of combinations that you can get this much lower too. That is the big difference between five reels and three real slots.

Payouts of Cyberpunk City Slot

Next part of our Cyberpunk City slot review is that we are going to talk about payouts. So players will be wondering how much money you can get from a single spin. 

A single spin has a potential of making 0% money because you can lose money too. But on top of that, you could also get more payouts when playing this specific online slot. 

Players are given access to get any types of multiplier that there is. The game consist of around 500 combinations all in total. All of these combinations can stack too. So there will be more than 10 combinations that all creates the same multiplier. 

These multiplier are such as times 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on. The common tier combinations of Cyberpunk City slot will produce a 2 times up to 10 times. And then there is the much more rare combination. These types of rare combinations is going to produce around 20 to 50 times your original bet. 

So say that you bet $1, you have a huge potential to win the 20 times with a total of $20. This is one of the most notable features you can find in this game.

Free Spins and Attractive Bonuses

Cyberpunk City slots is to provide a virtual gathering place for you and your friends to compare your success. Then the gambling feature is equipped with the ability to send gifts to each other, and monitor each other’s progress. 

That’s why Cyberpunk City slots are very interactive and suitable to be played with your other friends. You can play online slot games with them and you can monitor all activities while playing.

You will get more virtual coins every 4 hours. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to that allotment, as there are all kinds of bonuses, prize opportunities, tournaments, and missions that you can take part in to increase your balance. 

From the name itself, of course, friends already know that Cyberpunk City slots often issue bonuses. This is very true because this app has often been one of the biggest bonus providers. At the start of the game, you will be spoiled with profits of up to 100 million coins for free. 

Then this money can continue to be processed into their online slot machines without limits. Play the game in this app step by step to start earning big money. Do not let friends do not maximize the benefits you have.

Disadvantage of Cyberpunk City Slots

A Cyberpunk City slots review is never enough without the disadvantages. This is ebcause every slot game will have its own flaws. Cyberpunk City slots specifically has one problem that you have to know. The game has a bit of lag as well as glitch. 

Do not worry because this should not be a big problem for players to handle. All you need to do is to make sure that you have a fast internet connection. 

This way the lags are preventable for players. You can also prepare and play on a computer instead of a handphone for faster speed. This way you can still play Cyberpunk City slots without much hassle.


Game TypeVideo slot games
RTP 98.12%
Maximum Winx40.000
Compatible withPC, Laptop, Mobile
Min – Max bet0.2 – 500 $, €, £
Cyberpunk City Slot Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cyberpunk City Slot Worth it?

A game like Cyberpunk City slot from Wooho has been played by millions of people. There are been many reviews of this one game alone. Cyberpunk City is filled with fantastic neon lights and skyline. The symbols are unique and it is unlike any other before. 

Are there Bonuses in This Game?

Bonuses always exist for players to try. There are several bonuses that you can grab. The first type of bonus is usually the deposit bonus. This bonus is provided by the casino sites themselves. Hence the amount of bonus that you can get each time will always be different.

Some other bonuses also exist within the game itself. The bonus that the game provides is in the form of symbols and combinations. A good combination will give you up to 10 free spins. Free spins have to be taken advantage of if you want to enjoy this game to the fullest.

What is the Minimum Bet in Cyberpunk City Slot?

Every single slot game out there will have its own minimum bet. A minimum bet is the amount a player can bet at. For example the starting bet at Cyberpunk City slot is set at 50 cents. And then you can bet as high as 500 dollars. The minimum bet does not change in a slot game. 

It will stay at a fixed amount for every gambler who wants to play in their slot game. The betting increment may also be an important aspect to know. You cannot bet 70 cents because the increment of this slot game is 50 cents. 

Players are only able to increase their betting amount at 50 cents each time. Or it can also be rounded to the nearest dollar. The minimum bet of this game is a bit above average. Because the minimum is usually at around 10 cents or 20 cents only.

Cyberpunk City Slot Review: One of the Trendiest Slot
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  • Performance
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Cyberpunk City slot review have examined this game from many different angles. For example is that we look at the RTP of the game as well as the animations. The game is well built all around. It shows the craftsmanship of this video slot game.

The game is full of neon lights and it is much unique than other types of games. So if you want to play this game then make sure that you’re ready for this genre. That is all about Cyberpunk City’s slot review today.

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