Forest Mania Slot Review: RTP 95.11% (iSoftBet)

Forest Mania Slot Review

We know, you must be searching for the Forest Mania slot review. This game is a slot game with two sets of reels for you to spin, but that’s not what makes it unique. 

One of the reels is standard size, while the other falls into the colossal category. This iSoftBet game’s theme is based on forest creatures, which are presented in almost caricature form but are still cute enough to help you experience the slot.

Best of Forest Mania Slot Review

On the two sets of reels available, a total of 100 active lines are forming. Each set has five reels, but one has four symbols per column and the other has twelve. 

Free spins, wild reels, wild symbols, and a slew of stacked icons are among the features that can be triggered by symbols or randomly. Winning combos have the potential to pay out up to $500 in prizes.

1. Betting Options

Although the game has a total of 100 active lines, you will not be required to use the same number of coins in your wagers. 

Every bet will contain 50 coins, with the value of the coins being the part that you have control over. A coin can be set to a denomination of $0.01 to $2, resulting in a betting range of $0.50 to $100.

The game appears to have a top paying combination that pays only 250 coins, resulting in a maximum reward of $500. Despite the game’s low payout, it has a respectable average Return to Player of 95.62%.

2. Game Features

Clearly, the presence of two sets of five reels will make the cut when it comes to the slot machine’s features. There are 5×4 reels in one set and 5×12 positions in the other. Because win lines can appear on either the first or second set of reels, they aren’t combined.

The wild symbol in this game is a small W logo that was well designed and looks like it was placed on a coin. Although this wild does not pay out with its own combinations, it can be used to increase the number of wins of other types by acting as a substitute.

Wild Symbols can be found on the reels and are added at random. When you’re in free spins mode, these wilds change frequently. One of the symbols from the first set of reels will be selected as a wild symbol. When that happens, all symbols of that type on both sets of reels will become additional wilds.

The Wild Reels feature is another unusual feature we discovered inside. On the regular sized set, it gives the player up to three wild reels. The second set’s reels will also be turned into full-fledged wilds.

The third and final random feature is a chance to win up to 10 free spins. Both of these types of random features are more prevalent in free spins than in paid spins.

3. Design and Theme

There are various alien-looking creatures on the game’s reels, as well as a parrot, a cat, and an alligator, all of which are baby-sized and adorable. 

Other monstrous symbols appear on the reels, including apples, snails, meat-eating plants, and snails. The final six symbols resemble gems, plant life, hearts, and other organisms.

Our Results

In conclusion of our Forest Mania slot review, it is a fun bandar slot terpercaya game from iSoftBet, and one that we would categorize as unique.

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