Heart of Vegas Slot Review: Game with Casual & Futuristic Themes

Heart of Vegas will be out next main topic today. This slot game is a unique twist to the usual casual games you play. Slot games have been trending with many futuristic themes as well as fast animated. But here is a game that is a change of view for all slot players. Come take a quick read that our heart of Vegas slot review.

We’re going to dissect this review on several different factors. First of all you’re going to see The return to player percentage rate. This is an important aspect of the video slot game that you need to know. 

On top of that roles are going to discuss the gameplay that you can see. Hopefully after reading this article you can learn more about the Heart of Vegas slot.

Heart of Vegas became a popular win rate slot in 2018. The game has a total of 100 thousand downloads online. People are given the option to download this game or to just simply play it online. You can choose whichever method that you want to play this game with.

Heart of Vegas Slot Type

Almost lost game is usually just a digital mini game that everyone can say. Video slot games are separated into two different types. The first time is the real money time. On top of that you can try slot games that doesn’t use real money at all. This game is considered as real money slot. This is because players are required and in for you to place a bet. 

The betting amount is up to you because it is applicable real money fun game. You’re not forced to bet at all. There is a demo version if you want to play the free one. Players need to find a verified casino before they play any one of these games. After that real money also happens to have it’s own risks. Because you have a risk of losing money.

Heart of Vegas Slot Review: Gameplay

Heart of Vegas is a slot game that uses Las Vegas as the main story theme. If you miss the scenery of Las Vegas then you may find this game interesting. Heart of Vegas online slot is fast and efficient. You can place a bet almost immediately. 

This game used to be a free to play game that you can find in Google Play Stores. But now, there is a brand new adaptation of the game. The remake version allows players to bet huge amounts of real money.

Overall, the gameplay is basic. You will see a background theme of Las Vegas. One other thing to note is that it incorporates social play. You can enjoy slot games with your friends and with strangers. 

Symbols in Heart of Vegas

Heart of Vegas Slot Review: Game with Casual & Futuristic Themes

Heart of Vegas is just like any other slot games. There are symbols that you can see when the wheels spin. Symbols are divided into two parts. Heart of Vegas is filled with luxurious symbols. Hence players will feel as if they are in Las Vegas casinos.

The first symbol are picture symbols that comes out of a deck of card. You will see hearts, queens, king, jack, and etc. There is nothing special with these types of symbols because they are standard. On top of that there are also aces and spades. 

Symbols in Heart of Vegas are also interchangeable. Each spin have a chance of hitting a shiny symbol which will be worth much more. 

Shiny symbols can only match up with other types of shiny symbols in order to make a combination. You cannot mix normal types of combinations with shiny combinations and they will not match.

Payout Rewards in Heart of Vegas

Heart of Vegas is a rewarding game to play. You can bet as low as 50 cents and then go as high as $100. There are several payouts that you need to know. The first type of payout is set at around 2 times multiplier. After that players have a chance of hitting 10 times up to 100 times. 

These are just the common tier payouts. The payouts are not that big yet in comparison to the jackpot that you can get.

Leaderboard System in Heart of Vegas

Heart of Vegas uses a leaderboard system in order to keep track of all the chips that has been bet. This is unlike any other slot game. Because slot games does not really offer a social service. 

All players can interact with one another and then compete. There are things such as mini tournaments. Mini tournaments are only available when there are events. Such as on New Year’s eve or even on Christmas.

Tournament is directly linked to the leaderboard. The leaderboard has a main function to record all of the active chips that has been placed each week. After that, the player with the highest chips placed will earn rewards. 

The reward is accumulated over time and it builds up. The average reward is around $1000 up to $2000 for the active players. You may need to burn off some money in order to win this award.

Downsides of Playing in Heart of Vegas

Heart of Vegas is a slot game that does have a couple of down sides. The first down side is that players have to do a minimum deposit of $20. This may or may not be a problem for most players. But the minimum is usually only $10. On top of that there are other down sides such as the maximum bet amount. 

The maximum betting amount is set at $100. Players who want to bet big may not even have that option that this slot game. This slot game focuses on long term slot gaming. That is why huge bets is not allowed on this game. 

With the $100 alone you can have a total multiplier of 1000 times which is not bad. We have also discussed before that the maximum amount of money that you can get is around $100,000.

Game TypeVideo Slots
Full Size196.23MB
Compatible withAndroid, iPhone, Windows-Phone, Tablet, Desktop

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the theme of Heart of Vegas?

Heart of Vegas has a city casual themed game. This theme literally uses the scenery of Las Vegas as its main background. You can see Caesar’s Palace in the scenery. 

The game uses classic card game symbols as the theme. So there will be numbers, and picture card symbols. Some of which that you may know are such as king, queen, jack, ace, and spade.

How to get bonuses from Heart of Vegas?

Bonuses is a common thing to get in almost every casino. But you must also know the prerequisite of getting bonuses. The requirements of getting a bonus is simple. All you need to do is to place a bet and then get cashbacks. This is the easier type of bonus that you can get. 

A cashback is given to players when they bet and then they get a small percentage back. The cashback bonus also has no limits at all. So you can get it at an almost infinite amount of times. All you have to do is to place a bet and wait.

On top of that, games such as Heart of Vegas will give you daily chips. Feel free to always claim these daily chips or daily spins. Maybe every single day you can get up to 20 cents worth of in game credits. Collect these credits and get some free spins in Heart of Vegas.

Is this slot game safe?

All slot games that we have ever reviewed is guaranteed safe. This is because the game itself already has a reputable software developer behind the curtains. Hence there is no doubt that this game is a valuable game for players to try. 

We highly suggest that you play Heart of Vegas in an online casino. But try the demo slot version. The only thing unsafe is the fact that you are betting with real money. Gambling with real money will put you in so much risk. Because players will always have a huge risk of losing their money. 

This is one of the worst things of gambling online. Find a safe website to play and we cannot recommend you one.

Heart of Vegas Slot Review: Game with Casual & Futuristic Themes
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The game itself is filled with some basic characteristics. There is not much special about this game besides its simplicity.

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