House of Dragons Slot Review: Highly Rated Slot Game 2022

House of Dragons Slot Review

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Come take a look at our House of Dragons slot review. Are you chasing for a high RTP slot? There are plenty of them on the internet. But finding the right one is not an easy task. That is why you need our help in order to find the perfect slot game for you. 

House of Dragons Slot is a Chinese themed slot game. House of Dragons is provided by Microgaming slot and has been active for more than 2 years. Microgaming has been a trusted slot provider in the world of online slots.

What is Online Slot Games?

House of dragons is one of the best slot games out there. For some of you that who are still new to the online world of slot games then we’re here to provide you with the necessary information. Online video slot games is basically a game that you can enjoy virtually. 

This game can be accessed through your phone or even for your laptop. Whatever your device is you can spend the wheel. In total this game has five wheels that will spin in a random motion. They will stop at the random motion too. 

Each spin will produce a different outcome at every single time. This is why it is called as a gambling game because it is based on chances. You cannot predict the outcome of this game at all. 

But do not worry because usually this game incorporates fun and profitability. In order to win all you need to do is place a bet and then spin the wheel. If you land on good combinations then you’re going to make money. 

Do we combinations are seen is that they are aligned properly. For example in house of dragons there will be many dragon themed symbols.

Players are always wondering why people end up playing this online slot game. Let us look at all the reasons why people try this game and the disadvantages of it.

Microgaming Slot Provider

Microgaming is a mega slot software and has been serving the slot industry almost every single year. Playing online slot game must be done in the safest way and environment. That is why people seek providers like Microgaming to serve it.

Anything under Microgaming can already considered safe to play because of their high reputation. Microgaming has over 1000 games on their data base including the House of Dragons slot. 

The House of Dragons was initially a project by Microgaming slot and was developed during 2019. The game has been updated plenty of times with many bonuses within each spin. 

Microgaming also has licenses from many different jurisdictions. All of this is to ensure a high quality service. Licenses act as a player protection because it will give you safety when playing. This means that money will always be given and you can withdraw it almost any single time.

House of Dragons Gameplay

House of Dragons is a convenient game to try. Players who access this game can enjoy a 5 reel slot game. The symbols can be confusing for first time players. 

But rest assured, the gameplay with this game is always smooth. There is no lag or bugs at all when you want to enjoy this game. Another thing that we need to point out about this game is that it is a fantasy themed slot. 

So your screen will surely be filled with many dragons and crazy looking animations. 

Gameplay of the House of Dragons video slot may not be compatible for everyone. The fast paced animation will make it hard for you to actually read the symbols. 

The time it takes from the spin until the cash out is quite fast. So you need to memorize the symbols if you want to enjoy this slot game. 

Payout of House of Dragons

House of Dragons is always a clear game to play. This is because they show all of the possible payouts even before you play the game. Hence this slot game can already be trusted due to its high transparency.

There are 2 different payouts that you need to understand. The first payout is the minimum and maximum payout of this game. Of course there is a chance that you might lose. If your combination does not line up then you are going to lose money in this online video slot game. 

Do not worry because players can still make a high amount of profit. House of Dragons can produce around 2 times the original amount if you are lucky. If you are very lucky, then the profit can even be boosted up to over 2000 times.

Free Spins in House of Dragons

Unlike other types of slot games this one does not give any free spin. They are more focused on giving players a quick profit instead of free spins. The problem with free expensive stuff it takes much more time for players to play.

 For example if you only bet one time and you get 10 free spins just means that you have to keep playing. This makes some clear bored so this depends on what you are looking for. 

If you’re looking for a quick short term profit then House of dragons slot is perfect for you. We said that it is perfect because it will not consume that much time to be played.

Multiplier Bonuses in House of Dragons

House of dragons slot reviews also going to talk about some of the bonuses that you can actually get. It is true that you cannot get free spins and these types of games. But you need to also keep in mind that there are dozens of multipliers that you can get. 

Multipliers are created so players can gamble as much as they want to and get multiplied. Multiplier bonuses basically where you can double your money or triple it. Some lucky players who get good combinations will get better multipliers of course.

RTP of House of Dragons Slot

Return to player percentage or RTP is a very important aspect in a slot game. Without this information then you’re unable to know if that slot game is profitable for you. Our online House of dragons slot reviews also going to talk about this. 

Understanding the RTP will help you know if the game is profitable and can make you some money. Average RTP is usually around 95% or so. But we will never give you average or below average video slot games. 

Instead we’re going to give you some of the best return to player percentage slots. This game alone has a fixed RTP of 98.7%. the return to player percentage is considered above average and it is quite high. 

Hence you can easily make your money back and it is a guarantee. This is because the software and the algorithm itself is created based off of percentages and probability.

Conclusion of House of Dragons Slot

All in All we believe that house of dragons as a very potential game to try. Many players maybe are still new to this game because it is a newly released game. Do not need to worry because understanding the symbols and combinations are simple. 

There are not much combinations for you to be confused at. The RTP of this game can be an assurance that player is going to make at least some money. Hence you do not need to worry anymore about making money or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is House of Dragons a Recommend Game?

Based on this house of dragons slot review we can actually give you a verdict. This game is a recommended game for players who are interested and these types of animations. We cannot see if this game is perfect for beginners or not. 

Some of the symbols may be hard for you to understand. Especially with the fact that this game is a fight for real slot. Hence you need some training before you can actually try the game. Feel free to try the demo slot future in order to learn some of the things you need to.

Does House of Dragons Use Real Money?

The answer is yes. All of the games that we have reviewed to you use this real money. That is why it is known as the real money video slot. In order to bet you need to find an online casino and do a deposit. After that your money can be used to gamble. 

Real money slots can be withdraw back into the account. You can choose the transaction method that is provided by the online slot developer. Choose these websites wisely and only trust the trusted ones.

Keep in mind that gambling using real money can result in losses. And you cannot gain these losses back after you have to lose or go all in. Be responsible when you gamble and only bet what you can lose.

Game TypeVideo Slots
Min Coins Per Line10
Min Coins Size0.01
Max Coins Size0.5
House of Dragons Slot Review: Highly Rated Slot Game
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House of dragons is one of the best slot games out there. For some of you that who are still new to the online world of slot games then we’re here to provide you with the necessary information. Online video slot games is basically a game that you can enjoy virtually.

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