Lucky Clucks Slot Review (High Volatility, RTP 96.19%)

Lucky Clucks Slot Review

Are you looking for the Lucky Clucks slot review? Crazy Tooth Studio worked on a new slot game called Lucky Clucks. 

It’s designed to catch your attention at first, with its amusing design, and then with the major features that are incorporated afterwards. Pay attention to the Big Buildup mechanic in particular, though it’s not the only one that’s intriguing.

A Brief of Lucky Clucks Slot Review

Lucky Clucks has 5 reels with 3-4-4-4-3 symbols, resulting in 576 different chances to win (with more unlocked during certain features). 

It looks to be a decent enough slot, but certain parts may be improved upon, with prizes of up to 2,201x the stake, a Return to Player of 96.19%, and high volatility. The game has the bonus symbols Big Buildup, wilds, and a Raise the Roof bonus, among other notable features.

1. Betting Options

To play Lucky Clucks, you only need 15 coins. Starting with a $0.15 minimum stake, you can spend up to $15 maximum on each spin.

Lucky Clucks Slot Review

They discovered that the slot can pay up to 2,201x the wager after testing it over billions of spins. If we consider the game’s high volatility rating, it’s a poor reward, but the 96.19% RTP indicates that it’s entirely due to the way it was created, not to being unjust to the player.

2. Game Features

On the reels, you’ll see a Star Wild, which is one of the symbols you can employ to create new winning combos. It will operate as a replacement/substitute in those new wins, but the remaining needed symbols must still be present.

The slot’s core mechanic is called Big BuildUp, and it involves egg-laying hens bringing multipliers and wilds to the playing area. This will need the presence of one or more hens, each of which will lay eggs. These can award you with up to 5x multipliers, cash rewards, or extend into expanding wilds.

As you progress through the game and gather Corn icons from the reels, the Mother Hen’s gift will increase. If you got wilds from the previous feature, Big Buildup, they’ll boost the game area by adding an extra row of symbols to it.

Raise the Roof is the name of a bonus feature that is triggered when three or more Hay Bale scatters appear on the reels. It will include up to 9 free spins, during which the Big Buildup mechanic will be used even more frequently and the reels will be able to enlarge. 

You’re assured at least one chicken per round, as well as the benefits that come with it (additional rows through its wilds). Each spin, these wilds will travel down one position, and they will finally leave the game area.

3. Design and Theme

The chickens are the stars of this one, and it takes place on a farm. The barn looks to be serving as a support structure for the game area, with most of the action taking place at night. Chickens are laying eggs at the top of the reels.

Firstly, we found a collection of Royals, followed by pictures of horseshoes in various colors, as well as pigs and Star Wilds.

Final Words

In conclusion of Lucky Clucks slot review, it appears to be a lot of fun, especially if you’re looking for fresh features and graphics with a sense of humor tossed in at agen judi slot online site. The mechanics appear promising, however, we were hoping for bigger top payouts.

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