Mystic Elements Slot Review: Mysterious Slot Game

Mystic Elements Slot Review

Mystic Elements Slot Review – In today’s review of the best online slots we have brought to you a new slot game. We’re going to talk about one of the best slot games that exist. New players need to always be updated when it comes to online slots. 

Not all slot game genres are created to be fast action themed. Players may need a new genre. Sometimes, it’s better that the themes as well as the animations are taken slowly and become a classic game. Fantasy games like this one are much more flavorful to play than current trending games today. 

This game developed by Woohoo Games is worth trying for slot game maniacs.

Gameplay of Mystic Elements

Mystic Elements is a game that uses 3 reels in total. However, there are newer versions and adaptations of this game. You can try both games to see which one is much better for you. 

Overall we highly suggest that you just try the 3 reel version. It is much more simpler and easier to understand for new players who want to play slot games.

In which you can find more combinations and newer symbols from the 5 reel version. The reel does not really matter because the theme is always the same. You may want to understand the difference between the 3 reel slot and 5 reel slot. 

To keep it simple, players who want to play a fast action slot game can try the 3 reel slots. Then there is also the 5 reel slot in which you can just play a much more packed game.

Players will be welcomed with a dark and purple themed scenery. On top of that there will also be wizards as one of the side characters in your screen. Your main goal is to just spin the slot and enjoy the animations. 

There will be newer characters introduced to the game as it goes on. This is an interesting aspect of the game because it is interactive towards its players. It is not often that you will find a game similar to this one. 

Payouts and Prizes from Mystic Elements

The Mystic Elements slot reviews rates this slot at a high regard. The main reason being is this specific game has over 98.4% return to player percentage. Many players had actually bring home up to millions worth of money from Mystic Elements. 

This is only possible if you are lucky and hit the jackpot. The payout patterns are always random and entertaining to observe. 

Maybe those of you who don’t really like classic games will be confused when you see Mystic Elements. You can find various unique symbols in this online slot. Some of them like totem poles, gems, and elements.

It’s quite fun because it takes players to a more futuristic and mysterious setting. RTP or return to player rate is an impotant factor to consider. This percentage is also known as the payback percentage or the odds you can predict from the game. 

All slot games also has RTP but it is much lower than this one. The game is categorized as progressive slot. Which means that a player can always get more rewards when they keep on playing. The percentage will also stack up and you have a chance of making money every time.

Minimum Bet

Mystic Elements is a fun game and that is both flexible and easy to understand. Bettors can put as many bets as they want for from around 10 cents. On top of that you can also increase your bet to be at 100 dollars. 

Since this game is a casual game, the stakes are also low. The reason being is you can have fun without worrying about the balance in your account. 

Players are also given the choice of where they want to bet. There are options when it comes to betting in Mystic Elements to try. Namely the top, bottom, and middle rows.

Make sure that you take advantage of all of the things we have provided to you. Understanding the symbols may be the most important thing as a start. Keep on trying before you can get the jackpot. We recommend this slot game on your top 10 list games to try.

Bonuses in Mystic Elements

Online slot games are incomplete without any bonuses. Bonus is a way for players to be able to bet big and win big. With the help of bonus, then you are able to bring home much more money. Because then the bonuses will be a help for you to gamble more.

Mystic Elements offers dozens of bonuses every single day. The bonuses that they give out is based off of the current ongoing events. Events that are big and massive will give you much more bonuses. Bonuses is an amazing thing because it will produce real money too at the end.

The most common bonus that you can usually find in the game of Mystic Elements video slot is known as the multiplier gems. These gems are the symbols that you will see inside the Mystic Elements. 

Players will be able to spin and get different combinations from this gem alone. Gems are glowing red, pink, and green. Red will give you the highest multiplier bonus such as around 70 times up to 100 times. 

This is almost as big as a jackpot. But it is still achievable in comparison to a jackpot that is much harder to get. We recommend that you always try to hit the big bonus combinations. They will produce the most money out of all the other types of bonuses.

Freebies in Mystic Elements

Freebies is also known as free things. Mystic Elements often give to their players some cool combinations and unique things. But on top of that, Mystic Elements also give out free money. It does not come as free money directly.

First of all, players are able to claim free spins every single day. This daily free spin is awarded to players who just come online and claim it. The amount of free spin is usually at 1 or 2 free spin only. But this is already good considering that you did not put any money at all. 

Players could also get free spins by clicking the small floating Easter eggs all around the screen. These will award you with a tiny bit of reward.

Tips in Playing Mystic Elements Video Slot

Mystic Elements is a fun game to play if you are able to understand the tips and tricks. Our Mystic Elements slot review is also going to give you a small tips and tricks. Maybe after reading this you are able to make much more money.

Understand the Combinations and Symbols

Mystic Elements video slot is a game that is packed with many new symbols. You may have not seen symbols such as fire elements, water element, and gems before. This is because it is a unique theme coming from them. 

Players are able to learn these symbols through the tutorial of the game. The good thing is that players are always provided with a tutorial. These tutorial will guide you and help you learn all of the symbols that you need to.

On top of that, also learn the combinations that you can produce. Some combinations will allow players to get much more money if you spin again. The Mystic Elements video slot game is also an interactive slot. Which basically means that you can bet more money to win more. 

But you would not know when to bet more if you do not know your combination type. This is why many players have to learn the game before they can start making big money. 

Play on Peak Hours

There is a certain time of the day in which you can make much more money than the rest. These hours are known as peak hours. Peak hours are only set on days that are most crowded. Such as on Saturday night at 7 PM. 

This is considered as one of the biggest peak hours. Peak hours means that players have a higher chance of hitting a jackpot or even a mini multiplier such as 100 times. 

In order to get that then you need to be online on peak hours. Do not play on non peak hours. This is because the amount of profit that you are going to get is not as much.


Gambling in online casinos can be profitable and risky at the same time. Our Mystic Elements slot review have shown to you some of the main features to enjoy. You can try the game directly in order to know the game deeper. We highly suggest that you try several games including one of this.

The game has an RTP of 97.6%. This RTP can already be categorized as a high RTP game. Hence players are most likely be able to make much more money from this one. Feel free to use some tips we have provided to you down below.

Game TypeVideo Slots
RTP 97.6%
Max. payoutx5000.00
Jackpot typeNormal
Compatible withiOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, HTML5
Mystic Elements Slot Review: Mysterious Slot Game
  • Visual
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Audio
  • Bonus


The game has an RTP of 97.6%. This RTP can already be categorized as a high RTP game. Hence players are most likely be able to make much more money from this one. Feel free to use some tips we have provided to you down below.

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