Phil Hellmuth Wins a WSOP Gold Bracelet for the Record 16th Time

Phil Hellmuth wins a WSOP Gold Bracelet

Phil Hellmuth wins a WSOP Gold Bracelet

Phil Hellmuth wins a WSOP Gold Bracelet by his record-extending bracelet No. 16 in Event #31: 1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw at the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) after four final tables and a lot of frustration. 

Hellmuth’s victory is his sixteenth WSOP title. He has 157 cashes in his WSOP career, including a breakout victory in the 1989 Main Event, which made him the youngest champion in history at the time.

Phil Hellmuth wins a WSOP Gold Bracelet : The Victory Symbolizes a Turning Point

Since his last victory in 2018, he has reached seven final tables, four of which have occurred at the 2021 WSOP in the 25,000 USD H.O.R.S.E. (6th), 10,000 USD Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better (5th), and 10,000 USD Seven Card Stud events (fourth).

Hellmuth’s tournament run was not without hiccups, as he was on the verge of elimination at many moments on Day 1. The nature of a no-limit 2-7 lowball draw allows for a lot of swings, which Hellmuth weathered to finish Day 1 with a healthy chip stack.

The turning point came on Day 2 as Hellmuth continued to weather the early breaks. The low point occurred early in Day 2 when Rok Gostisa flopped a nine-eight, leaving Hellmuth with a handful of huge chips.

The tide quickly flipped, as Hellmuth dominated the later portions of Day 2, going on a red-hot run to bag over a million chips and the second largest chip stack of the final ten players for the Day 3 showdown.

Winner Reaction to Phil Hellmuth wins a WSOP Gold Bracelet

“Didn’t I tell you, honey? “I’ve always wanted a deuce-to-seven bracelet,” Hellmuth told his wife Katherine as he shook his opponent’s hand. Phil Hellmuth wins a WSOP Gold Bracelet after missing two of his final table runs earlier in the series, she was by his side for the major triumph.

“My wife was in a spa for two weeks, so she missed my tirade as well as two of my last tables.” We have an understanding that she never misses my final tables. We’ve been married for 31 years, and she has to be at all of my wedding receptions. But she was in a spa, and she deserved a rest.”

Years Preparation

Phil Hellmuth wins a WSOP Gold Bracelet, the success comes after years of preparation for the 16-time champion, who wins his first WSOP gold bracelet in the popular lowball variety.

“I’ve been wanting a deuce-to-seven bracelet since the 1980s since it was the coolest bracelet to win.” It’s the one event when Chip, Doyle, and all the other big names turned up. I’ve been working so hard for this bracelet for so long, and my game has only improved. I’ve put in a lot of effort, and I know all of these techniques since I’ve been playing since the 1980s. It feels fantastic.”

Hellmuth has been preparing for the 2021 World Series of Poker for a long time. The no-limit lowball style allowed him to demonstrate his strongest abilities in reading people and situations. 

“I felt unlucky at three final tables after placing myself in a good position, and I believe there is more talent in deuce-to-seven.” You can perform things that no one else can if you have outstanding reading skills. You have the ability to make calls that no one else can. I just seemed to know what everyone had in their hands at all times, and that reading skill translated well for me.”

Phil Hellmuth wins a WSOP Gold Bracelet by Studying Poker Game

The triumph comes as a relief after a turbulent week that saw Hellmuth revert to his old “Poker Brat” demeanor when fate didn’t favor him.

“I’ve spent my entire life studying these games, so I know all there is to know.” What’s gotten to me is that I become weary and blow it.

Or I get tipped over and blow it. I’ll be down here at the Rio, and it’s one a.m., and I’m exhausted. And then I get a lot of poor hands and I’m out.”

Hellmuth was far more composed and rested than in past WSOP finals.

“I’m still going down there” (to the final table.) Today, I vowed to myself that I would refrain from cursing and making threats. I cursed a little bit, and I’m sure the cameras picked it up, but I was much more mellow, possibly because I went too far the other day.”

Hellmuth is far from finished, and he believes he can increase his gold bracelet total to at least 24, all while adding more mixed game bracelets to seal his legacy. 

Phil Hellmuth Wins a WSOP Gold Bracelet : Action at the Final Table

After Jason Papastavrou was ousted in 10th place and Ryan Riess was eliminated in ninth, the remaining eight players rapidly merged to the main stage table. Going into final table play, Dario Sammartino had the chip lead, with Kevin Gerhart as the short stack.

When Gerhart drew to a seven-six but came up with a 10, he swiftly fell to Rep Porter’s eight-six. Jason Lipiner finished eighth after calling down an eight-seven from Joshua Faris before being beaten by and his seven-five a few hands afterwards.

Sammartino’s final table chip lead did not translate into his first bracelet, as he finished in sixth place after he pushed and ran into Porter’s immaculate wheel.

Faris appeared to be gaining ground in final-five action when he stole a pot from Hellmuth that had the 15-time WSOP winner furious. Hellmuth quickly reclaimed the lead until Faris was eliminated after his ten-nine was defeated by Chris Vitch’s ten-eight. / Dy

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