Golden Buffalo Slot Review: Wild West Themed Slot

Golden Buffalo is the current slot trend that everyone is talking about right now. Of course you may want to jump into the action before it is too late. Golden Buffalo is a slot game that has just been released recently and one of the best win rate slots in reportase5 list. 

The game is initially released by micro gaming. Today we have brought to you a Golden Buffalo slot review so that you can understand a thing or two before you play the game. 

The game itself is still considered a classic and casual slot game. It is similar to basically any other game that you can find out there.

What type of slot game is Golden Buffalo?

Golden Buffalo Slot Review: Wild West Themed Slot

Golden Buffalo is a multiple-line slot game but it is also considered as a fast action slot. Fast action slot basically means that there will be fast animations. A single spin will be quick as a flash. Players will also be able to see different sound effects and animations. 

Besides that, Golden Buffalo is quite fun to play for players who love fast and quick game of slot. The game is made to be a fast action-themed slot. So you can feel the adrenaline and get the fun while doing so.

Golden Buffalo is also considered as a casual slot game. In total, there are 5 reels that players can enjoy on. 5 reels slot are much more favoured and can produce a higher combination. 

However the downfall is that you will also have a lower chance of getting or hitting a jackpot. No need to worries because instead you will be making your money from multiplier spin anyways.

Theme and Gameplay from Golden Buffalo Slot Review

Golden Buffalo is an interesting game of like anyone before. Usually there is a specific genre for games such as golden buffalo. This genre would also be known as the wild west slot game genre. 

The wild West theme takes place in a desert usually filled with many cactuses and similar scenery. The symbols that is found in the game would also most likely come from these types of scenery. Golden Buffalo offers a multiple line jackpot. 

The jackpot symbol will of course be a golden Buffalo head. Whereas the lower types of combinations will just be gold and gems. Golden Buffalo offers some unique animations and fast-paced story. The main character will play as the golden buffalo. 

Every time you had a combination then the golden Buffalo will move around. The golden Buffalo will also increase the amount of progressive jackpot then you can get. The longer you play means that the higher your chances are to win these prize pool.

Golden Buffalo Free Spins Combination

A player can get free spin easily in this game. That is the unique part when you are playing in Golden Buffalo. Golden Buffalo specializes in slot games especially with the free spin part. Free spins does not come often when you are looking for online slot games. 

To get one, you must be able to hit at least 3 stars or also seen as the sheriff’s badge. This star combo will give you 5 free spins. There are also much better combinations that you can get. 

This combination is when you hit 5 combinations of symbols in a row which will award you with 5 free spins in total. The free spin combination is a must get.

The great part about free spins is that it can give you up to 10 free spin with just one spin. So say that you put a total bet of $1 in a single spin. And then you click spin. The total spin that you are going to get later on is going to be worth $10. 

That $10 can even produce more free spins and even hit a jackpot. A free spin has the same characteristics as other types of spins. The only difference is that you can actually get real rewards without paying money anymore.

Multiple Line Jackpot in Golden Buffalo

The Golden Buffalo slot review will also discuss another important aspect of online slot games. This is known as the jackpot. The jackpot can be divided into many parts such as multiple line and even single line. 

The difference is that single line jackpots is much easier to get. But the reward that you are most likely going to get is also small. There is a difference in which you can get a bigger reward but it may be much harder. 

Jackpots in this game can reward players up to 500 times the original amount. Jackpot is a hard combination to get but rest assured that there will always be a chance to get it.

Auto Spin and Turbo Feature

One cool thing that we need to point out in this slot game is the AUTO SPIN button. AUTO SPIN enables the players to simply sit and wait for profit. The wheels will keep on spinning as long as you have the money to spin it. 

Keep in mind that players must also set the amount of bet that they want to place each time. The longer you wait then the higher your rewards are. 

The auto spin feature will also automatically stop in case you already run out of balance. The down fall of this auto spin feature is that you cannot set to how many spins you want it to be. Hence it will keep on spinning as long as you want to if you do not stop it.

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Turbo Spin Feature

One thing that cannot be found in other types of slot games is turbo spin. Turbo spin is never found in any other slot feature. This unique and one of a kind feature will enable a player to spin faster. Usually the animation of a spin can take around 5 to 20 seconds. 

That is the average spin time of a single slot spin. Now, you can make that time even faster at only around 1 to 2 seconds. Turbo spin can be combined with the auto spin to make an even faster combination. 

You can leave your computer online and the wheels will spin repetitively and in a fast motion. Just keep in mind that it takes money to spin and you also need your browser online.  Turbo spin is recommended and can even be called as the star feature in today’s review. 

Conclusion of Golden Buffalo Slot Review

Overall we could honestly say that the Golden Buffalo video slot is a recommended game to try. This game has the classic and casual feeling of playing slot. It is unlike most conventional slot games where you can only place a bet. 

Instead there are also additional features that will boost up your gaming experience. A player is also able to place bets and then use the auto spin feature. The auto spin feature will make you spin endlessly without having to be there and keep clicking. 

Let us also take a look at the gameplay that is offered by Golden Buffalo. Golden Buffalo offers a classic and casual gameplay. Players are able to spin with a minimum of 10 cents only. On top of that players are also given the choice to place a maximum bet of 100 dollars. 

Game TypeVideo Slots
Session VolatilityHigh
Maximum Winx1000
Compatible withiOS, Android, Windows
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Frequently Asked Questions

You may be wondering about a few things that are left unanswered. Down below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Is Golden Buffalo Safe?

One of the most common things that people ask is about whether or not the Golden Buffalo slot game is safe. Our Golden Buffalo slot review can conclude that this game is safe. The reason is that the game itself is provided by a trusted slot software developer. 

So you do not really have to worry at all. All software developers are also under the constant supervision of many third party governments. Hence there is also something known as the player protection policy. 

Where can I Play Golden Buffalo?

Golden Buffalo is a slot game that is developed by a slot provider. You can directly go to the slot provider’s website to try it. However there are also other ways which are easier. You can find a online slot casino that works together with the slot provider themselves. 

This is much easier and faster. Because when you do this, then the players can also try new games. Golden Buffalo is easy to be found everywhere. All you need to do is type in golden buffalo video slot and you can find the real money version. 

There are demo versions that you can try too. Demo version is the version in which you do not need to use real money at all. This can be a way for you to train and try the game before jumping in.

Golden Buffalo Slot Review: Wild West Themed Slot
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This game is quick to play and understand. All you need is to learn the symbol of buffalo and the golden star. There are dozens of multiplier bonuses as well as free spins.

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